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No Upcoming Workshops Scheduled at this time ...

Past Workshops + Events in Nevada City and Reno

Rundowns on some of Deb + Stephen's previous Tango offerings in the area:

•    Tango Lab:  Adornments + Follower's Technique — Nevada City, June 2019

•    Tango Lab:  Behind & Beyond Back Ochos — Nevada City, December 2018

•    Tango Lab:  Strategies for More Effective Leading — Nevada City, November 2018

•    Tango Lab:  Hooking Deeper into Ganchos — Nevada City, May 2018

•    Tango Lab:  Turns + Rebounds — Nevada City, October 2017

•    Tango Lab:  Playing with Time | Cadencia + More — Nevada City, August 2017

•    Tango Lab:  Sacadas + Crosses — Nevada City, April 2017

•    Tango Lab:  Arcs + Turns — Giros, Ochos + Boleos — Nevada City, June 2016

•    Tango Lab:  Milonga Symposium | Rhythm, Elements, Options — Nevada City, April 2016

•    Tango Lab:  Explorations in Follower's Technique — Nevada City, February 2016

•    Tango Lab:  Key Issues in Follower's Technique — Nevada City, December 2015

•    Three-Way Wind of Vals (Deeper into Tango's Triangle) — Nevada City, September 2015

•    Around the Floor in 80 Turns (Cycles, Circles + Syntax) — Nevada City, April 2015

•    "Tango Chef" (Kinetic Concoctions for Tastier Tango) — Nevada City, February 2015

•    The House That Milonga Built (Foundations + Innovations) — Nevada City, March 2013

•    A Mid-Winter's Tango Lab — Nevada City, December 2012

•    Introduction to Milonga — Nevada City, September 2012

•    Exploding Patterns - Your Tango Beyond the Numbers — Nevada City, July 2012

•    A Mid-Winter's Tango Lab — Nevada City, December 2011

•    Around the World in 180° - Tango's Media Vuelta — Nevada City, November 2011

•    Turning on a Dime - Compact Rotations in Vals — Reno, Nevada, November 2011

•    Ochofinity + Turnado #759 (A Dynamic Turn to the Right) — Nevada City, July 2011

•    Zero to Tango in 30 Minutes + Supervised Práctica — Nevada City, March 2011

•    Zero to Tango in 30 Minutes + Supervised Práctica — Nevada City, December 2010

•    Tango Exploratorium - Workshops & SYRCL Fundraiser — Nevada City, Sept. 2009

•    Tango Exploratorium - Workshops — Grass Valley/Nevada City, July 2009


For more on Learning + Dancing Tango in Nevada City + Grass Valley:

Tango Nevada County   (Facebook)


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Argentine Tango

More on the sensibility and practice of Argentine Tango, insights into its improvisation and creativity, and links to online resources for additional background and perspective ...


Debbie Edwards + Stephen Bauer


Stephen + Deb at Caltech Marathon 2014
— photo by Momo Smitt

Debbie + Stephen have been dancing + improvising together on Tango's social dance floor for more than 20 years, making their partnership one of the longest + most enduring on the West Coast.

Based in Ojai, California, Deb + Stephen have also been hosting and teaching locally since 2003, sharing Tango by way of their one-of-a-kind "All Levels" Workshops on 1st + 3rd Monday Nights — offering more than 300 sessions over the past 15 years — and in the unique "X" Session, an interactive exchange which is part of their weekly Tuesday Night Tango gathering in Ventura.

Unlike most learning opportunities, these forums present + explore the dance from a Principle Based perspective, with the aim of helping dancers find, discover, consider + engage Tango's many possibilities for themselves, on their own terms.

Over the years, Stephen + Deb have found that an approach like this allows and encourages each individual dancer + couple alike to create a more personal and potent Tango — one that is not only flexible, creative and technically rich, but also one that is built on a solid foundation of our essential shared humanity, leavened with mindful helping of awareness, attention, presence and non-judgment.

Fluent in many modes, methods, "styles" and aspects of Tango, Deb + Stephen are both skilled at both roles — leading + following. They are more likely to be found studying in class as students than operating in front of a class as "teachers." And in any given month, together, they typically spend a combined 60-plus hours on the social dance floor — more than 300 tandas a month — improvising Tango with each other and with a wide variety of partners, of all experience levels, in both roles, to all kinds of music, in all kinds of embraces, situations, venues + floor conditions.

In addition to their activities centered in Southern California, since 2009, Deb + Stephen have also helped nurture + mentor an emerging Tango community in Nevada City / Grass Valley.

For more on Debbie + Stephen as dancers, organizers + teachers, please follow this link ...



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