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"80 Turns" — Workshop in Nevada City:   April 2015


"Around the Floor in 80 Turns"

— Cycles, Circles & Syntax on the Social Dance Floor —

Debbie Edwards


Stephen Bauer

90-Minute Workshop + 30-Minute Práctica,

followed by Two Hours of Social Dancing

to "Golden Age" + Contemporary Tango Music

The Stonehouse

— 107 Sacramento Street, Nevada City —

Sunday — April 26, 2015

6:00 - 10:00 pm

All Levels Welcome — $15 / dancer


More Information:

   Workshop Overview          Deb + Stephen           Past Quantum Tango Workshops

More on the Workshop:  Cycles, Circles + Syntax in Tango

Deeply rooted in human physiology, the familiar Forward - Side - Back - Side progression of steps is shared by folk and circle dances in many cultures — there are variants in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Mideast — and it has been incorporated into any number of partner dances as a basic "pattern" or sequence.

Unlike other forms and traditions, however, Tango adopts this simple and accessible idea ... and then reinvents it — transforming it from a repetitious elementary "figure" into the powerful basis for an ongoing and ever-unfolding improvisation between partners.

In some of its most common incarnations in Tango, the Forward - Side - Back - Side series might curve and turn into some kind circular shape — a vuelta ("turn") or giro (turn with the connotation of "spin").

  What is referred to as a molinete ("little mill" or "pinwheel") is just one of many examples of the Forward - Side - Back - Side cycle in Tango — a version that uses all four steps in sequence, all going in the same direction + all orbiting a single stable center — to create a full 360° circle.  

Schematic diagram of a typical four-sided Molinete in Tango ...

A classic Molinete - the pinwheel
toy on a stick ...

In "Around the Floor in 80 Turns," we will take a closer look at the Forward - Side - Back - Side cycle, exploring some its many incarnations + applications throughout Tango, and gaining a deeper understanding + appreciation of just how useful, creative and powerful this idea can be on the improvised social dance floor.

Along the way, we will aim to:

  • Understand how the Forward - Side - Back - Side cycle relates to "walking" — how they are different, how they are same, why it matters ...
  • Notice the variables at play in the Forward - Side - Back - Side cycle, then actively choose among these — applying them "at will" to create a more potent, innovative and personal Tango ...
  • Learn how to blend + combine our conceptual knowledge with fluent technical mastery + execution to enchance the interaction, communication, and moment-by-moment exchange between partners ...
  • Devise fresh strategies to balance the "familiar" with the "novel"— keeping everything smooth and readily accessible to both partners, no matter what their individual skill levels or background ... all as we shift + adapt what we do together "on the fly," to accommodate any kind of music, situation, embrace, and/or changing floor conditions ...
  • Consider some of other ways that Tango takes special advantage of the Forward - Side - Back - Side cycle ... especially how this deeper syntax comes into play as the basis + foundation for any number of more complex movements, ideas and relationships — including ochos, ochos cortados, sacadas, boleos, ganchos, lapices, paradas, pasadas, enrosques, arrastres/barridas, planeos, calesitas, enganches, llevadas, cambios/alterations, volcadas + colgadas.

Please join us at the Stonehouse in Nevada City on April 26 as we circumnavigate the possibilieis together, and discover new ways to go "Around the Floor in 80 Turns" ...


For more Information about Learning + Dancing Tango in Nevada City:

Tango Nevada County   (Facebook)


More About ...

Argentine Tango

More on the sensibility and practice of Argentine Tango, insights into its improvisation and creativity, and links to online resources for additional background and perspective ...


Debbie Edwards + Stephen Bauer


Stephen + Deb at Caltech Marathon 2014
— photo by Momo Smitt

Debbie + Stephen have been dancing + improvising together on Tango's social dance floor for more than 16 years, making their partnership one of the longest + most enduring on the West Coast.

Based in Ojai, California, Deb + Stephen have also been hosting and teaching locally since 2003, sharing Tango by way of their one-of-a-kind "All Levels" Workshops on 1st + 3rd Monday Nights — offering more than 300 sessions over the past 12 years — and in the unique "X" Session, an interactive exchange which is part of their weekly Tuesday Night Tango gathering in Ventura.

Unlike most learning opportunities, these forums present + explore the dance from a Principle Based perspective, with the aim of helping dancers find, discover, consider + engage Tango's many possibilities for themselves, on their own terms.

Over the years, Stephen + Deb have found that an approach like this allows and encourages each individual dancer + couple alike to create a more personal and potent Tango — one that is not only flexible, creative and technically rich, but also one that is built on a solid foundation of our essential shared humanity, leavened with mindful helping of awareness, attention, presence and non-judgment.

Fluent in many modes, methods, "styles" and aspects of Tango, Deb + Stephen are both skilled at both roles — leading + following. They are more likely to be found studying in class as students than operating in front of a class as "teachers." And in any given month, together, they typically spend a combined 60-plus hours on the social dance floor — more than 300 tandas a month — improvising Tango with each other and with a wide variety of partners, of all experience levels, in both roles, to all kinds of music, in all kinds of embraces, situations, venues + floor conditions.

In addition to their activities centered in Southern California, since 2009, Deb + Stephen have also helped nurture + mentor an emerging Tango community in Nevada City / Grass Valley.

For more on Debbie + Stephen as dancers, organizers + teachers, please follow this link ...


Past Workshops + Events in Nevada City and Reno

Rundowns on some of Debbie + Stephen's previous Tango offerings in the area:

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•    Exploding Patterns - Your Tango Beyond the Numbers — Nevada City, July 2012

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•    Around the World in 180° - Tango's Media Vuelta — Nevada City, November 2011

•    Turning on a Dime - Compact Rotations in Vals — Reno, Nevada, November 2011

•    Ochofinity + Turnado #759 (A Dynamic Turn to the Right) — Nevada City, July 2011

•    Zero to Tango in 30 Minutes + Supervised Práctica — Nevada City, March 2011

•    Zero to Tango in 30 Minutes + Supervised Práctica — Nevada City, December 2010

•    Tango Exploratorium - Workshops & SYRCL Fundraiser — Nevada City, Sept. 2009

•    Tango Exploratorium - Workshops — Grass Valley/Nevada City, July 2009


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