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Tuesday Night Tango — in Ventura

Since Spring 2009, local dancers in Ventura have been getting together informally on Tuesday
evenings to play music, socialize, practice, dance + share Argentine Tango.

** Night Off **

Due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus, our regular events + programming are suspended for now ...

We look forward to dancing with you again + sharing more Tango together
when things return to normal ... Until then, keep well — y abrazos ...


On Tuesday Nights:    Overview | Format | Images | Atmosphere | Space | Map | Music | Calendar


Overview on "Tuesday Night Tango" in Ventura

  Grapes & Hops — on Main, in downtown Ventura ...
    454 East Main Street, Ventura, California  93001
      • on Main, located halfway between Oak + California
    • free public parking behind Grapes & Hops— enter off Santa Clara or Oak...
  Every Tuesday Evening:

The "X" Session: Tango Exchange — 6:30 - 7:30 pm    (first hour of the night)

           An enhanced interactive study/learning forum for Tango Dancers

Tuesday Night Tango:  Part Práctica, Part Milonga, All Tango — 7:30 pm - 10:00

           An all-levels mix of traditional social dancing + ongoing practice

"X" Session:  $10.00 * — Tuesday Night Tango:  $5.00 * Both:  $15.00 *


* Suggested Donations — participating dancers & guests are also cordially invited to
buy some Food & Drink to help justify our presence in a working restaurant

Please:  No outside food, beverages or bottles in Grapes & Hops — many thanks.

On most nights, the práctica aspect of the evening is actively supervised by Stephen Bauer — feel free to ask for his input and feedback on any tango issue ... and thanks for making a small donation to the cigar box in appreciation.

(For more sustained individual attention or the possibility of private sessions,
please contact
Stephen + Deb directly.)


Typically, Tuesday Nights include an hour long "X" Session (Tango Exchange) ... followed by two and a half hours of social dancing, Tuesday Night Tango ...

"X" Session - Tango Exchange

The evening starts with The"X" Session, a one-hour Tango Exchange, from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.

Inspired by similar projects developed in the Bay Area and other leading tango cities, the "X" Session provides dancers with a forum for enhanced interactive learning.

Unlike a "traditional class" where instructors commonly prepare and set an agenda in advance then present it to the group, in an "X" Session, it is the participating dancers themselves who propose and help determine the key area(s) of focus, and they are guided in their investigations and experiments by an experienced facilitator.

Less about what to learn or do on the floor, the 
"X" Session takes aim more at how we as dancers engage, embody, practice and create the improvised social art form that is Tango.

"X" Session explorations can help dancers open up all new areas of interest; explore the transition from classroom study/examples to the social dance floor; revisit older skills and ideas in order to refine, develop and expand them; and/or delve into more detail on any aspect of the dance.

Participating dancers can drop in to the "X" Session on any night; there is no need to pre-register or pay in advance by the month. All levels are welcome; no partner necessary. Just come with an open mind, a curiosity about the dance, and a question, topic or area of interest you would like to pursue.

For more thoughts on using "X" Sessions to explore and develop your tango, see these suggestions ...

Tuesday Night Tango

The evening continues with Tuesday Night Tango — two and a half hours of social dancing, from 7:30 - 10:00 pm.

Part informal práctica, part spontaneous milonga, Tuesday Nights are warm, open and friendly — a classic tango scene that is welcoming and inviting to both newer and experienced dancers alike.

On any given night, a wide variety of people might stop by and spend some time on the dance floor — including experienced local tango dancers, visiting tangueros from beyond the area, those just beginning their investigations of Argentine Tango, and many who have already mastered West Coast Swing or other forms of dance and are looking to explore new territory.

Tuesday Night regulars come from Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard and Ojai, rounded out with visiting Tango dancers in from the Valley, up from Los Angeles, and down from the Bay Area.

Altogether, this mix of perspectives + kinetic backgrounds helps foster an open-mindedness and generosity of spirit that makes it easy to delve into new situations, encounter the unexpected, confront old habits + limitations, unlock stubborn issues, and coax new skills + ideas into view. A relaxed sense of freedom is the rule, cross-pollination is common, fresh insights are the norm.

Naturally, newbies, onlookers + the tango-curious help round out the scene.

On "Floor Craft"

On most Tuesdays, there are times when the dance floor at Grapes & Hops can become fairly crowded — filling up with dancers as they enjoy the music, their partners, and the experience of dancing in close proximity with their neighbors.

In these situations, our mutual ability to navigate + share the space together assumes a prominience that skilled dancers refer to as Floor Craft.

For more about Floor Craft, we invite you to investigate one or more of the following links:


A few pictures of Tuesday Night Dancers — at Grapes & Hops in Ventura ...

More Tuesday Night Dancers — from our old venue, the "Red Room" at Peirano's ...

In December 2012, active dancers in our area responded to a Survey regarding their thoughts and preferences about Tuesday Night Tango, which in turn helped inform the updated + expanded format of the night. Click here for an archive copy of the Survey, along with an overview of the results.


The Tuesday Night atmosphere is very casual and low-key, and the dancers are friendly and welcoming — with an emphasis on having a good time, improving their Tango, and practicing + sharing what they know with each other.

The Tuesday Night space at Grapes & Hops features a smooth wooden floor. With its high ceiling, casual + flexible seating, and an intimate 400+ square foot dance floor, it all has the feeling of a classic Tango venure.

Following the "X" Session at 6:30, the social dancing gets under way about 7:30 pm, and runs until 10:00 ...

In keeping with Tuesday Night Tango's preference toward openness and accessibility, there is no formal "cover charge" to enjoy the music and dancing.


  • Dancers are encouraged to buy food and drinks during the evening to help justify our presence in a working restaurant ...
  • Voluntary contributions help keep the night strong by supporting the music, and helping acknowledge the evening's "X" Session facilitator, DJ(s) and práctica supervisor ...
  • When there's a special event, visiting instructor, or guest DJ, the hosts may decide to "pass the hat" among participating dancers to help support + expand the range of tango possibilities on these Tuesday Nights.

Tuesday Night Tango — at Grapes & Hops in downtown Ventura

Space + Restaurant

Grapes & Hops is the location + venue for Tuesday Night Tango in Ventura.

With its superb selection of wines and draft beer, elegant sandwiches and small plates, and long list of glowing reviews, Grapes & Hops complements the Tango with a graceful ambiance and classy vibe.

Located on Main in downtown Ventura just across the Mission, the restaurant is an easy 30-minute drive from Santa Barbara, Ojai and Thousand Oaks, an hour or so from many parts of the Valley and Los Angeles, and just minutes away from all locations in nearby Oxnard and Ventura.

For more about Grapes & Hops on Facebook, including their regular "live music" events with a variety of local musicians, click here ...

Grapes & Hops - exterior at 454 East Main...
Grapes & Hops - interior (with tables) ...

Map + Driving Directions


Grapes & Hops — 454 East Main Street (between Oak + California ) — Ventura, CA  93001


Driving from Los Angeles + points south:

  • Take the 101 Freeway (northbound) to to California Street, Exit 70A.
  • At the end of the ramp, turn right/north onto South California Street ....
  • For free public parking: Two blocks north of the freeway, turn left/west onto Santa Clara ... and you can find free public parking mid-block — to the right, after passing the slots reserved for the Bella Maggiore Inn ... and to the left, past Rusty's Pizza ...
  • Go a few steps north/up Oak or California to Main Street, and look for Grapes & Hops on the south side of the street, mid-block ....
  • The restaurant's entrance will take you into their outdoor dining area — come inside and go toward the back where you will find Tuesday Night Tango in the large open area at the end of the bar ... or just follow the music.

Driving from Santa Barbara + points north:

  • Take the 101 Freeway (southbound) to Ventura Ave, Exit 70A.
  • The off ramp will curve left/north onto South Ventura Avenue ...
  • For free public parking: Two blocks north of the freeway, turn right/east onto Santa Clara ... look for free public parking at the corner of Palm, mid-block betwween Oak + California, or in the parking structure just east of California ...
  • Go a few steps north to Main Street, and look for Grapes & Hops on the south side of the street, mid-block between Oak + California ...
  • The restaurant's entrance will take you into their outdoor dining area — come inside and go toward the back where you will find Tuesday Night Tango in the large open area at the end of the bar ... or just follow the music.



Guest DJ Clifton Chow of Boston
spinning in August 2013

On a typical night, Stephen is the DJ at Tuesday Night Tango, although now and then a guest DJ steps in to spin.

The format is tight tandas with an emphasis on selections from the "Golden Age," with the occasional foray into newer + alternative music if the crowd is interested.

However, flexibility and responsiveness win the day ... so if you have something particular you'd like to hear while you dance — whether it's a favorite song, a particular orchestra, or sounds of more recent vintage — please make a request, and if we have it in our library, we'll aim to fit it into the flow ...



For upcoming dates, please see the calendar listings on:


Image of Stephen + Deb dancing tango on the beach from a photograph by Jenni Keller

Bandoneon - graphic

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