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Previously ... in Nevada City + Grass Valley:  July 2009




A Kinetic Introduction

to the Art, Style and Sensibility of ...


Two - Day Workshop


July 11 + 12


A Chance to Explore + Experience firsthand
One of the World's Most Dynamic and Intoxicating
Forms of Dance

"La Canción de Bs.As." - Isabel Carafi


Hosted by Debbie Edwards + Stephen Bauer


Overview:  "Argentine Tango EXPLORATORIUM"

This first edition of the EXPLORATORIUM will focus on introducing newcomers to the basics of Argentine tango — those core techniques and fundamental elements, relationships and variables that make this exceptional dance possible.

In its social form, as we will explore it, TANGO is completely improvised — two bodies,
intimately connected, co-creating a unique and spontaneous expression in time and space.

Topics and issues will vary from session to session, moving progressively throughout the weekend's Workshop in order to give participating dancers the best possible opportunity to build up their skills, confidence and experience at a comfortable pace.

Tango is a "walking dance" that can be enjoyed by anyone from age nine to ninety (and beyond), so anyone of ordinary fitness should find tango and its basic movements more than accessible.

Likewise, no prior dance experience or training is necessary — although anyone with a background in salsa, flamenco, African dance, or swing is likely to discover many telling points of contact between tango and other forms that are already familiar.

Both individual dancers and couples are welcome to attend the EXPLORATORIUM, so it's not necessary to arrange for a dedicated partner in advance. Indeed, in keeping with tango's emphasis on good connection and communication, one of the most effective ways to practice and learn this dance is to regularly rotate partners, an approach that we will encourage and support throughout the Workshop sessions and prácticas.

And while the four workshops of the EXPLORATORIUM will together provide a well-rounded introduction to the dance, you can also enjoy a single session a la carte (or decide to take more than one), instead of joining us for the Full Weekend — just choose whatever plan best fits your own personal needs, interests, inclination and schedule.

Details:  "Argentine Tango EXPLORATORIUM"



Saturday, July 11 + Sunday, July 12, 2009


Two Days — Four Sessions — 8 Hours Total




Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters


671 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley, California


... in their new "Summit" dance/music/community space

Daily Schedule:


Session 1 — 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


Session 2 — 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

On Saturday, 7/11:

"Tango Berlitz - Learning the Alphabet, Having a Conversation, Getting from Here to There"


"Torsion - The Secret Engine of Tango"

On Sunday, 7/12:

"Torsion II - Thirteen Ways of Looking at Ochos"


"Sending Your Tango into Orbit - Turns, Pinwheels, and Other Revolutions"


Each Session includes a 90-Minute Workshop aimed at core topics + issues
... followed by a 30-minute Supervised Práctica

Single Dancer:


$ 20 / Session (a la carte)


$ 60 / Full Weekend - all Four Sessions




$ 35/ Session (a la carte)


$100 / Full Weekend - all Four Sessions



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