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  2 x Tango Events in Ventura:  June 2016


Tango Musicians, Dancers & Composers

Carmen Maret + Andrew Bergeron

"Folias Tango"

from Grand Rapids, Michigan—

"Rhythmic Structures"

— Riding the Waves in the Music —

A Pre-Milonga Musicality Workshop

with Live + Recorded Tango Music

After the workshop, please stay on for:

   Tuesday Night Tango featuring "Live Sets" for Social Dancers

— by Folias Tango with Carmen (flute) + Andrew (guitar) —

Tuesday - June 21, 2016— 6:30 - 10:00 pm

Grapes & Hops in Ventura

$20 / Dancer Suggested Donation for the Evening

— Pre-Milonga Musicality Workshop + Dancing with"Live Music" afterwards ...

More Information:  

Workshop Pictures          Workshop Overview

      Carmen + Andrew Bios           Folias Links + Video              

         Space + Restaurant            Map + Directions                 

 Past Quantum Tango Workshops

Pre-Milonga Musicality Workshop

In their pre-milonga workshop, "Rhythmic Structures" - Riding the Waves in the Music, Carmen and Andrew of Folias Tango will show us how to find and hear some of the many currents, cycles and patterns that surge and flow within Tango Music ... then help us shape and align our dancing to catch, ride and make the most of these "waves of sound" as they lift and break across the dance floor.

In addition to being professional musicians, Carmen and Andrew are also gifted composers, practicing teachers, and active tango dancers — a combination that helps lend a special depth and resonance to all their work ... on the band stand, in the classroom and on the social dance floor.

Dancing with "Live Music"

After the workshop, please stay on for Tuesday Night Tango and dancing with "live music."

Folias plays hand-crafted "Golden Age" arrangements by flutist Carmen Maret and guitarist Andrew Bergeron, along with new original tango, vals, and milonga music co-composed by the duo specifically for social dancing.

We are glad to welcome Carmen + Andrew back to our area for their third visit.

In 2010, along with two fellow musicians, guitarists Luke Galas and Dave Martin, they offered their pre-milonga workshop, Tango Music:  Its Secrets Revealed ...

And last year, they shared Mapping the Tango, an investigation into the structure + form behind "Golden Age" music.

Each time, "sell out" crowds of Tuesday Night dancers came to enjoy Folias' perspectives + insights into tango music, and then stay on for the rare pleasure of dancing as they played for us "live."

Folias presenting a pre-milonga musicality workshop
at Tuesday Night Tango in August 2010

Be sure to join us this time at Grapes & Hops on —

Tuesday, June 21st , for another memorable evening with Folias Tango ...

For more about Carmen, Andrew and "Rhythmic Structures," please scroll down ...

"Rhythmic Structures " Musicality Workshop in Ventura with Andrew + Carmen (Folias Tango), June 2016
Dancing with "Live Music" by Folias Tango - Carmen Maret (flute) + Andrew Bergeron (guitar) — June 2016

Overview:  Musicality Workshop + Milonga with Live Music



Tuesday — June 21st, 2016



Grapes & Hops - 454 East Main, Ventura

Musicality Workshop:


6:30 - 7:30 p.m. - a 60-minute workshop with "live music"

Tuesday Night Tango: 


7:30 - 10:00 p.m. — social dancing ...



     — featuring live sets by Carmen + Andrew



$20 / Dancer - suggested donation for the evening


        (= $10 / workshop + $10 / dancing with "live music")

All Levels Workshop

— Newer + More Experienced Dancers Both Welcome —

Click here for Driving Directions - and - more about Tuesday Night Tango in Ventura ...

   Also ...

More "Live Music" ... Coming to Ojai on July 4th

Afternoon "Musicality Workshops" — with bandoneón master Joaquín Amenábar

Evening "Potluck" Milonga — at a private home in Ojai's East End

Save the Date — Come Celebrate + Make Some Tango "Fireworks" Us

Click here for All the Details on July 4th in Ojai

More About Carmen + Andrew of "Folias Tango"

Carmen Maret + Andrew Bergeron
"Folias Tango"

Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron of the Folias Flute and Guitar Duo met at Michigan State University in 2002 while studying for their combined Master’s Degrees in music composition, performance, and ethnomusicology. Their collaborations were initially based upon playing Andrew’s original music and Carmen’s tango arrangements but they soon blended these elements together to create their first concept album Waterway which drew inspiration from an Artist Residency at Isle Royale National Park.

Taking inspiration from Piazzolla, Maret and Bergeron’s original compositions are rooted in both the rigors of classical music and in the freedom of improvisational music. About Folias’ album Marufo Vega Fanfare magazine said, “Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron are facile players…They draw on tango rhythms and melodies sometimes; at other times they write with a scenic sensitivity… mysterious… charming… evocative.”

This nomadic duo has played on stages around the globe including in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, and Guinee, West Africa. Carmen and Andrew have self-booked and promoted tours extensively throughout North America, including festivals in Alaska and Canada and milongas in over 25 tango communities throughout the United States.

Carmen and Andrew are also co-founders of the Grand Rapids Tango Community in Western Michigan, where they dance and teach. And they curate foliasmusic.com where they publish and sell their own sheet music and CDs, host a podcast and blog. On their website you will also discover their not so secret identities as foodies and nature lovers.

Links to Folias Tango + their Music ...

Folias Music Website

    — background, bio, links, video ...

Carmen + Andrew's 2016 Tour

    — on the road from May to July in
         states throughout West ...

    — including Burning Tango, a sweet
         "hand-made" festival up near
         Mount Shasta, June 10 -13 ...

Tango Blog

    — Folias' tango activities since 2009


    — Folias CDs on allmusic.com

Carmen + Andrew playing tango music together
along the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania ...

Selected Video of "Live Music" from Folias Tango:

  • Quejas de Bandoneón — classic tango, arranged by Carmen, with Christopher Martin on violin
  • Romance del Barrio — playing at a milonga in New Mexico on their 2010 Tour
  • The Lemon Smugglers — an original milonga, composed by Carmen
  • Cumparsita Vals — in an arrangement by Carmen, Andrew + Pablo Aslan
  • Alfonsina y el Mar — the well-known Argentine folk song, arranged by Andrew + Carmen
  • Cabrales — an original composition by Andrew + Carmen
  • Oblivion — by Piazzolla, arranged by Andrew, with Christopher Martin on viola, and
               impromptu dancing by Carolina del Rivero + Donato Juarez

Meet the Troubadours! — a 20-minute interview and profile of Carmen + Andrew
by dancer / filmmaker Zak Brown of VZTango in Reno

Andrew + Carmen play at Burning Tango, June 2016
Carmen's "pinhole camera" portrait — Carmen, Deb, Stephen + Andrew - at Deb's Cabin 2015

For more on Tango Music ...

Including background, history, examples + more, please see our "More Music" page ...

Space + Restaurant

Grapes & Hops is the new location + venue for Tuesday Night Tango in Ventura.

With its superb selection of wines and draft beer, elegant sandwiches and small plates, and long list of glowing reviews, Grapes & Hops complements the Tango with a graceful ambiance and classy vibe.

Located on Main in downtown Ventura just across the Mission, the restaurant is an easy 30-minute drive from Santa Barbara, Ojai and Thousand Oaks, an hour or so from many parts of the Valley and Los Angeles, and just minutes away from all locations in nearby Oxnard and Ventura.

For more about Grapes & Hops on Facebook, including their regular "live music" events with a variety of local musicians, click here ...

Grapes & Hops - exterior at 454 East Main...
Grapes & Hops - interior (with tables) ...

Map + Driving Directions


Grapes & Hops — 454 East Main Street (between Oak + California ) — Ventura, CA  93001


Driving from Los Angeles + points south:

  • Take the 101 Freeway (northbound) to to California Street, Exit 70A.
  • At the end of the ramp, turn right/north onto South California Street ....
  • For free public parking: Two blocks north of the freeway, turn left/west onto Santa Clara ... and you can find free public parking mid-block — to the right, after passing the slots reserved for the Bella Maggiore Inn ... and to the left, past Rusty's Pizza ...
  • Go a few steps north/up Oak or California to Main Street, and look for Grapes & Hops on the south side of the street, mid-block ....
  • The restaurant's entrance will take you into their outdoor dining area — come inside and go toward the back where you will find Tuesday Night Tango in the large open area at the end of the bar ... or just follow the music.

Driving from Santa Barbara + points north:

  • Take the 101 Freeway (southbound) to Ventura Ave, Exit 70A.
  • The off ramp will curve left/north onto South Ventura Avenue ...
  • For free public parking: Two blocks north of the freeway, turn right/east onto Santa Clara ... look for free public parking at the corner of Palm, mid-block betwween Oak + California, or in the parking structure just east of California ...
  • Go a few steps north to Main Street, and look for Grapes & Hops on the south side of the street, mid-block between Oak + California ...
  • The restaurant's entrance will take you into their outdoor dining area — come inside and go toward the back where you will find Tuesday Night Tango in the large open area at the end of the bar ... or just follow the music.

Past Quantum Tango Workshops & Events with Visiting Dancers

•    Tomás Corbalán + Yamila Ivonne — Tango Lab: "Dynamics" + "Silence" — May 2016

•    Brigitta Winkler — Tango Lab: "Intimacy" — March 2016

•    Muma Valino — Tango Lab: "La Esencia" of Ricardo Vidort — October 2015

•    Joaquín Amenábar — "Essential Units of Tango Rhythm" + "Melody in Tango" — July 2015

•    Virginia Pandolfi — Tango Lab: "Follower's Technique" — June 2015

•    Folias Tango — "Mapping the Tango" - Phrase Structure + Form — June 2015

•    Brigitta Winkler — "Flirty Vals" — March 2015

•    Momo Smitt — "Clean, Clear, Crisp, Rhythmic" + "Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go" — May 2014

•    Daniel Trenner — Tango Lab:  "Principles of Letting + Flowing" — March 2014

•    Brigitta Winkler — "INTER:  Act / Sect / Weave / Relate" — February 2014

•    Leonel Chen + Florencia Han — "Milonga:  Fast + Small" — November 2013

•    Daniel Trenner — Tango Lab: "Iconic Roles - The Lead + Follow Dynamic" — March 2013

•    Felipe Martinez — "Cross-System Gems" — September 2012

•    Sharna Fabiano — "Close Embrace of the Third Kind" — September 2011

•    Folias Tango Quartet & Avik Basu — "Tango Music:  Its Secrets Revealed" — August 2010

•    Daniel Trenner — "Milonga:  Traditional Perspectives & Tráspie" — May 2009

•    Sabine Zubarik — "Milonga for Beginners" — April 2009

•    Andrés Amarilla + Meredith Klein — Mulitple Workshops — October 2007   (pdf)

•    Andrés Amarilla : Extended Residency — January / February / March 2007   (pdf)

•    Andrés Amarilla + Meredith Klein — Tango Lab: "Alternative Embrace" — May 2006

•    Andrés Amarilla + Meredith Klein — Multiple Workshops — May / June 2006   (pdf)

•    Andrés Amarilla + Meredith Klein — Tango Lab Intensive: "Nuevo" — February 2006


Bandoneon - graphic

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