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Tango "Musicality" Workshops in Ojai:  July 2015


Master Musician

Dancer / Composer / Professor

Orquesta Leader

Joaquín Amenábar

from Buenos Aires —

Two World-Renowned Musicality Workshops

#1:  "Essential Units of Tango Rhythm"

— and —

#2:  "Melody as a Rhythmic Element in Tango"

Two 90-Minute Workshops — Both with "Live" Bandoneón + Recorded Music

... followed by Social Dancing in Ojai's famous "Tango Incident"

Monday - July 6, 2015     —    7:00 - 11:00 pm

— in the Gallery in the Ojai Art Center —

$25 / one Workshop           $40 / both Workshops

More Information:

Workshop Pictures         Workshop Overview            Joaquín's Bio/Background

More Links to Joaquín          Map + Directions          Past Quantum Tango Workshops

Musicality Workshops with Joaquín Amenábar

Widely celebrated as a "modern master of the bandoneón," Joaquín Amenábar is a multi-faceted and supremely talented "Renaissance Man of Tango" — performer, orquesta leader, composer, arranger, music professor, writer, historian, lecturer, instrument tuner + technician.

Perhaps even more significant for us is Joaquín's own background as an active social tango dancer — an interest that has blended with his own deep knowledge of musical performance, history and composition, leading him to investigate a number of challenges that many of us face as tango dancers:

  • If we do not have the benefit of formal music training then ...
  • How can we as tango dancers take in, process + respond to the many layers, subtlties + nuances of tango music ...
  • In ways that help us create, discover + explore our own unique dance more effectively ...
  • And then share it with each other as we improvise together on the social dance floor ...?

The result is Joaquín's unique and highly innovative program on Musicality for Tango Dancers ...

In development for more than ten years, Joaquín has presented his celebrated Musicality Workshops world wide since 2009. Earlier this year he traveled + taught in Europe for three months, and his upcoming North American tour includes visits to Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Maui ... and Ojai.

For a preview of Joaquín playing "live," follow this link to youtube video of one of his solos
at the 2013 Sydney Tango Salon Festival in Australia.

More on Joaquín's Musicality Workshops in Ojai:

  • Appropriate for All Levels of dancers.

    By design, the Workshops are fully accessible to beginners + newcomers ... while at the same time, they are challenging + informative to more experienced dancers.

  • Aimed at dancers.

    The Workshops are not "lectures" on music theory or history — we will be on our feet and moving most of the time.

  • No partner required.

    The primary emphasis will be on individual work — moving in time with particular sounds, aspects, elements, and features of the music.

  • No special training or background in music is necessary.

    The Workshops are "non-theoretical" — Joaquín uses common everyday language, clear metaphors, and unique visual aids to enhance our investigations.

  • Both "live" and recorded Tango music.

    In addition to narrating our guided listening + movement to "Golden Age" classics, Joaquín will play live on his bandoneón to help illustrate + highlight key features of the music.

  • No "steps" or patterns.

    The concepts, processes + examples explored are universally applicable in all Tango situations that we encounter as both Leaders + Followers — useful for everything from "simple" walking + turns ... to the most intricate + complex combinations that we might create on the improvised social dance floor.

In addition to music and tango, Joaquín is very fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese, which allows him to communicate directly to dancers all over the world in their native tongue.

Joaquín is also the author of Bailemos con la Música!, a unique book / CD / DVD resource for dancers interested in expanding their ear, deepening their musical understanding, and enhancing their ability to improvise with confidence on the social dance floor.

The English language version of this project, Let's Dance to the Music!, will be available for purchase by dancers during our evening with Joaquín in Ojai ...

"Musicality Workshops " in Ojai with Joaquín Amenábar, July 2015

Overview:  Joaquín Amenábar - Musicality Workshops



Monday — July 6th, 2015



Ojai Art Center - in the Gallery - 113 S. Montgomery, Ojai

Workshop  #1:


  7:00 -   8:30 p.m. - Essential Units of Tango Rhythm

Workshop  #2:


  8:30 - 10:00 p.m. - Melody as a Rhythmic Element

"Tango Incident":


10:00 - 11:00 p.m. — post-workshop social dancing ...






$25 / Dancer for One Workshop


$40 / Dancer for Both Workshops


"Tango Incident" (social dancing) — free ...

"All Levels" Workshops

— Newer + More Experienced Dancers Both Welcome —

Click here for Driving Directions - and - more about Monday Night Tango in Ojai ...

Coming to Ojai for an overnight ...?  Click here for info on local accommodations.

More About Joaquín Amenábar


  • As a musician, in the last two decades Joaquín has played dozens of festivals and hundreds concerts — interpreting tango classics as well as baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary and fokloric music all around the world.
  • As an orquesta leader, Joaquín was the musical director and first bandoneón of the “Orquesta Típica de la Guardia Vieja” in Buenos Aires, a 10-member ensemble that recreated the classic sound, sensibility and arrangements of tango's "Golden Age."
  • As an educator, Joaquín teaches bandoneón at the University of Buenos Aires, the Superior Conservatory of Music in BsAs, and the Folk Music School of Avellaneda ...
  • As a tanguero, Joaquín has been improvising on Tango's social dance floor since 1994 ...


        Joaquín playing "live" in a Musicality Workshop

Joaquín y su Orquesta Típica de la Guardia Vieja
Joaquín repairing + tuning a bandoneón
in his home workshop

More Links for Joaquín Amenábar

Joaquín Playing Live on the Bandoneón

Youtube video of Joaquín soloing on the bandoneón at the 2013 Syndey Tango Salon Festival in Australia.

Joaquín's Website + Book on Tango Musicality

More background, bio, links, and information on "Let's Dance To the Music!" — Joaquín's book / CD / DVD package that outlines his unique approach to musicality for Tango dancers — an excellent way to continue studying Tango musicality at your own pace.

Joaquín plans to bring a few copies with him + make them available to Ojai Workshop dancers on Monday.

Joaquín's Musicality Workshops in Los Angeles, July 10 - 12, 2015

Following his visit to Ojai, Joaquín will offer a series of Musciality Workshops in Los Angeles over the weekend of July 10 - 12 ... a great opportunity to continue working with him in person.

Joaquín's annual visits to L.A. are hosted by Linda Valentino of A Puro Tango.

Orquesta Típica de la Guardia Vieja

The 10-member tango ensemble that Joaquín played with and led in the early 2000's in Buenos Aires, patterned after the classic orquestas of Tango's "Golden Age." Listen to demos of their music here ...

Review of a Musicality Workshop with Joaquín

From a London-based tanguero who blogs under the name "Tango commuter," this overview of a 2010 musicality workshop with Joaquín Amenábar.

For More Background on Tango Music ...

Including history, examples + more, please see our "More Music" page ...

Map + Driving Directions

For the "Musicality" Workshops with Joaquín Amenábar in Ojai:

Map to Ojai Art Center — 113 South Montgomery, Ojai — from Google Maps ...

  • From US 101 in Ventura, take CA 33 north toward Ojai.
  • Keep going straight as CA 150 joins CA 33, then swings east to take you into Ojai. Stay on CA 150.
  • The "center of town" is the stop light at Signal Street — you'll see the Post Office on the SE corner, with its iconic bell tower.
  • For the Art Center:  Continue east approximately 0.1 miles, past Libbey Park, and turn right/south onto South Montgomery — the Art Center is half a block down, on your right ...
  • Come in the front door and follow the music — we will be in the Gallery at the end of the hall ... 1,400 square feet, with a recently refinished maple floor from the 1930s

Exterior — Ojai Art Center — 113 South Montgomery, Ojai

Interior — Dance Space in the Gallery at the Ojai Art Center

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