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Tango Workshops in Ojai:  May 2014


Tango Phenom + Renaissance Man

Momo Smitt

from Portland, Oregon —

Two Daytime Workshops:  

"Clean, Clear, Crisp + Rhythmic"

— and —

"Hold Me Tight + Let Me Go"


Monday - May 26th, 2014

"Momorial Day" — in Ojai


Momo Smitt is widely celebrated for his mesmerizing embrace and astounding musicality.

If his dancing is new to you, check out this class demo video on youtube ...


More Information:

Workshop Pictures      Workshop Overview      Momo's Bio/Background        

Momo Links + Video     Map + Directions      Past Quantum Tango Workshops

Workshops in Ojai with Momo Smitt, May 2014



Overview:  Workshops with Momo Smitt



Monday, May 26th, 2014 ... "Momorial Day"



Ojai Art Center - in the Gallery * - 113 S. Montgomery, Ojai

Two Workshops:

   One centered on Musicality ... One aimed at the Embrace


1:00 - 2:30 pm       "Clean, Clear, Crisp + Rhythmic"

3:00 - 4:30 pm       "Hold Me Tight + Let Me Go"


... Each workshop followed by a 30-minute Supervised Práctica with Momo



$20 / Dancer for one Workshop

$35 / Dancer for both Workshops

* Air Conditioned comfort — 1,400 square foot Dance Floor ... click for map + directions

Momo Smitt

Over the past four plus years, Momo Smitt has been traveling nonstop in a sublime and dedicated pursuit of tango — dancing, teaching, performing, DJing, and rapping at tango events and festivals, and in local communities across the United States and Canada.

Known far and wide for his mesmerizing embrace and astounding musicality, Momo shares his compelling approach to tango in workshops revolving around a slower, simpler dance, where the music and the partnership — not the "steps" — are the primary focus.

In addition to comfortable and connected social dancing, Momo puts a special emphasis on community building. He organizes tango festivals in both Portland and Ashland, Oregon, and just prior to his visit to Ojai, he will be dancing, DJing and performing at the Los Angeles Tango Marathon over the Memorial Day weekend.

Momo's visit to Ojai will be his first time teaching in Southern California.

Photo Credits: Top row - Jim Chamberlain, Bottom row - Vladimir Estrin

Links to:

      Momo's Website — with background, beats, press, activities, social conscience + more.

Video featuring Momo's Dancing + Music:

Class Demo — highlighting Momo's juicy embrace + renown musicality, with Heidi

Tango Lounge in New York City — with Tine Herreman

Vancouver Tango Marathon — with Kimberly Han

"When You Lead Me Jenna" — written + performed by Momo Smitt

"A Hold in Tango" — written + performed by Momo Smitt

It's intuitive you gotta trust it
Now I love it
Even if it's not crowded
I keep it close till the minutes get countless
Till the tandas blur
Till the words turn to an unconscious slur
From the hole
There formed a hold in tango
Gotta grab and master this craft of the soul
Gotta open my own
To this deepest abyss of bliss
Gotta find it at least just an inch of it ...

— a few of the lyrics from Momo's song, A Hold in Tango

Map + Driving Directions

For Workshops with Momo Smitt in Ojai:

Map to Ojai Art Center — 113 South Montgomery, Ojai — from Google Maps ...

  • From US 101 in Ventura, take CA 33 north toward Ojai.
  • Keep going straight as CA 150 joins CA 33, then swings east to take you into Ojai. Stay on CA 150.
  • The "center of town" is the stop light at Signal Street — you'll see the Post Office on the SE corner, with its iconic bell tower.
  • For the Art Center:  Continue east approximately 0.1 miles, past Libbey Park, and turn right/south onto South Montgomery — the Art Center is half a block down, on your right ...
  • Come in the front door and follow the music — we will be in the Gallery at the end of the hall ... 1,400 square feet, with a recently refinished maple floor from the 1930s

Dance Space in the Gallery at the Ojai Art Center

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